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The Poros Mermaid and a Volcanic Violet Sky
The Poros Mermaid and a Volcanic Violet Sky

Poros 2010 -
Our Volcanic June Fortnight in Greece

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Welcome to the Poros 2010 Blog -
Sun, Sand, Sea and Tavernas - and a dollop of History...

The Summer of 2010 was in many ways the most frustrating of our visits to Poros, mainly because of travel problems and an unexpectedly hot June in Greece. We booked our flights to and from Greece with EasyJet in February 2010 and early in March we watched in dismay as a drifting cloud of volcanic ash shut down most North European airports for several weeks. As April passed into May, the airlines (many worrying about closedown) put pressure on governments to let them fly at far higher ash levels than had initially been permitted. I remember at the time wondering what the effects might be on jet engine servicing and operations, but by late May all seemed to have settled down and the Icelandic volcano stopped belching ash.

But matters were only just coming to a head in Greece; the economic disaster of a country with overspending and too much tax evasion ended in a series of riots, one of which burnt three poor bank clerks to death. It was with some uncertainty that on 3rd June 2010 we packed our two cases and two shoulder bags, taking a car to our daughter's in Lockerbie. To summarise, we took a train from Lockerbie to Manchester Airport, stayed at the Travel Lodge, on 4th June were delayed by a faulty jet engine, the replacement plane was delayed six hours and reaching Athens too late to get the last ferry to Poros. After an overnight wait in the appalling dock lounge, we took a Flying Dolphin and got to Poros about 10 a.m. on 5th June, a total of 12 hours late.

The holiday began with rain and cloud, but as the first week wore on, the temperature rose from 20s to 30s as a heatwave hit the Aegean. By the start of the second week, it was too hot to walk or to go to other islands, so we spent a lot of time under parasols on beaches. Jen wanted sun, sea and sand, I got to see Jen in summer dresses and bikinis, but I also got an unexpected bit of historical research done. Look at Rossikos (Russian Bay) Naval Base, if you want to have some heavy history. You may prefer Russian Bay (Rossikos) Cantina - the page on Maria Gnitsou's lovely snackbar and beach concession. Fun, though, so I can't say that we wasted our time. We also visited Aegina (good museum and lovely fish reastaurants) on the 'Nefeli', Nauplion (Jen's wish) and Epidauros (my wish; I declaimed again) on some Greek buses (excellent; British ones are filthy). But the heat was in the high 30s so we longed for cooler Scots weather and went home happily enough.

On balance, I'd say that I nearly called it the Russian Bay Summer, but aircraft, weather, passion and occasional frustration, made it more like a volcano. The layout of this blog will not be day by day, as some days were grouped together. Also, we had particular fun from specific places - the visits, obviously, but also beaches like Russian Bay and Love Bay and the Tavernas (Poseidon, Rota) and Cafes (notably the Asteria). So that's why the blog's the way it is. 2007 was far too heavy and I hope with this one we're back to the light touch.

The Mermaid is the same sassy little lady as in Poros 2006, but the sky was violet. Some say it's because of the fine ash from the volcano, for it was certainly a different sky to that we saw in 2006.

Russian Bay (Rossikos) Maria Gnitsou's Sun Beds and Parasols on Beach, Poros 2010
Maria Gnitsou's Sunbeds and Parasols on Russian Bay Beach, Poros 2010

Poros 2010 Map, Saga Hotel
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