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Jenny on the Areopagus, Athens, Greece

Poros 2007 -
Our September Fortnight in Greece

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An Update on Poros -

  • The Alexopuli at the Saga Hotel
  • Frances and Dennis McCallum
  • Shawn and Bob
  • Businesses of Poros
  • Poros Municipality

Poros Sewage Works from the cliffs
Poros Sewage Works from the cliffs...

...Yes, everything's photogenic, on Poros...

Updates to June 2006 Blog ...

Readers of the Poros 2006 website may recall that our stay was really made wonderful by three families and some rather fascinating businesses - also, in an unusual way, by the Municipal authorities of Poros and their efficient response to a water problem. In this page we will try to keep things up to date during 2007 on the matters that affect all these contributors to enjoyment of Poros.

Poros 2007 Updates :

Alas, the Bridge Cafe has closed its doors, due to insufficient winter trade. Frances hopes it will re-open, but it will not be under the current management, so I fear the two ladies' juices and cakes are gone for good.

Globespan, to my grief, withdrew their Athens service in favour of Cyprus after 2007. A search in 2008 disclosed that the KLM and British Airways flights to Athens from Newcastle are probably the best value now.


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