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Jenny on the Areopagus, Athens, Greece

Poros 2007 -
Our Historic September Fortnight in Greece

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Welcome to the Poros 2007 Historic Holiday Blog -
There's More to Greece than Tavernas, Sun and Sand.

Following our successful (and exhausting) week at the Saga Hotel, Poros in 2006, we decided that we must go back for a more leisurely visit. The Saga Hotel offered us a two-week stay, so this site is the result. The intention of this site is as before - to show how you can see a lot but keep things cheap - and to look at the ancient and modern history of Greece. Many of the key historical sites in Greece can be reached in day trips from Poros. The island town and the Trizina area are themselves of surprising historical importance; the legendary King Theseus of Athens was born in Troezene, whilst the Hellenic Navy came into being, heroically and with tragedy, at Poros.

Five thousand years of legend and history are hard to set out briefly. Greece is a lot more than Athens, however full that city is of Greek history. Greece is a country of interlinked village communities, even in the cities, divided and united by family relationships. I was amazed to discover that about 5,000 years of history in the Poros area could be illustrated by visiting nearby sites. In this blog is a record of visits to the world-famous sites of Athens's Acropolis, Epidauros and Mycenae, as well as the less-famous ones of Aegina, Nauplion, Troezene and Poros itself. The sites themselves are detailed in supporting pages or by links to official and established websites. I have also looked into the tragic and key events of the Battle of Poros of 1831, when Greeks fought amongst themselves and nearly destroyed their Navy. I hope that you will find it as moving and as enjoyable as I and my wife Jenny have done.


Erechtheion Temple on the Acropolis, Athens. My wife Jenny as tourist
Erechtheion Temple on the Acropolis, Athens.
My wife Jenny as tourist.

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