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Jenny on the Areopagus, Athens, Greece

Poros 2007 -
Our September Fortnight in Greece

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Scotland Again -
27th September 2007

  • Glasgow Airport.
  • Jo and Euan.
  • Home and Cat.
  • A Wedding Ahead.
  • Back to the Future - 2009.

James and Natalie, Engagement Party January 2008
James and Natalie, Engagement Party January 2008

Back to Glasgow Airport :

As in 2006, so in 2007... The flight had been interesting for Jenny (who sat next to the window) and for me (with a Greek on my left). The Greek lad and a colleague had some kind of scholarship in naval ship design. I was impressed, hoping aloud he would have the chance to visit the submarine base - HMS Neptune - at Faslane on Gairloch. After the study of Greece's naval past (the 'Hellas') it was intriguing to encounter someone who might design the Hellenic Navy of the future. And so I went to sleep - broken by refreshment stops - whilst Jenny gazed down in fascination at the lights of cities in Austria, Germany and northern France. We got back at 3 a.m. local time, to be taken off on a mobile stairs and a bus, rather a comedown from the 'elephant's trunk' from which we had walked aboard the airliner.

Scotland managed to delay our luggage almost as long as Athens Airport had done, but presently we managed to get out and look for Joanne, who proved to be stuck with Euan in my car in a car park nearby. Onwards with our cases, reassuring Jo, till we reached the car. Jo then shot off with Jenny to the airport toilets whilst I spent the next quarter of an hour beside an increasingly-wakeful and cheerful young Euan. When Jo got back, it turned out that the approaches to Glasgow Airport had given her the usual late-night problems, but the worst had been going home from delivering us at the start, for she had gone down through Paisley by mistake. Poor Jo ! Still, we set off through the vagaries of the Glasgow motorways, achieving the M74 and Lockerbie at about 5 a.m. Jo and Euan got out there, then I drove Jenny home to Dalbeattie and we got in a bit before 6 a.m. It had been a long twelve hours, but we had a lot of new memories to digest and some hours' sleep to make up.

Back to Poros in 2009...

Being British, we like the sun, but - being British - we sometimes enjoy visits within Britain itself. Jenny and myself have decided that we must have a caravan holiday in England in 2008, but will return to Poros in 2009. We also have the prospect of a wedding ahead to which we must contribute; daughter Natalie and her intended James became engaged on 29th December 2007 and will marry on the 20th September 2008.

Nevertheless, expect to see Poros 2007 extended in 2008 to give more details of the attractions you can get to from Poros. Poros is definitely addictive and time spent elsewhere is all too frequently unsatisfying. To our friends and site visitors, our respects. I also expect to make additions and updates as a summary of matters Poriote during the year.

The theme for 2009 ? Well, it's a family holiday, for our elder daughter Jo, her husband Allan and 'the wean' Euan, will be sampling the delights of Poros for the first time. A May holiday, for in September Euan starts the dubious delights of a Scottish school. So, here are a few pictures of the wean to keep until 2009.

The Chocolate Vampire
The Chocolate Vampire
Euan's Quad
Euan's Quad
Up the Garden Path
Up the Garden Path


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