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Jenny on the Areopagus, Athens, Greece

Poros 2007 -
Our September Fortnight in Greece

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Taverna Kyriakos, Neorio and Cool Evening -
22nd September 2007

  • Taverna Kyriakos.
  • Anne Ibbotson, Cafe Mouzourkos (Vassili's)) and Mint Tea.
  • Paul's Guitar and The B52.
  • Coming Slowly and Poros - Trizina.
  • Just Getting Together.

Megalo Neorio - Looking West
Megalo Neorio - Looking West

Taverna Kyriakos...

Our plans were a bit unsure and we got up late after the epic walk round Troezene, so when Frances suggested that we join her and Dennis for a snack lunch at the oldest remaining traditional Greek Taverna in Poros town, we were happy to follow her lead. The Taverna Kyriakos is not far from the tiny Poros fish market, a good location for a restaurant, although Jen and I were slightly surprised to find the Taverna was in the alley paralleling the harbour-front, rather than on the harbour front (Paralia) itself. Richard being Richard, needed to use the loo; it was basic but clean and well-kept, and far better than Poros's one public toilet near the fish market, which does no honour to the Municipality. The Kyriakos had an interesting way of operating - they start cooking at 6:30 a.m. and basically carry on serving until the food runs out, which is generally early afternoon. The meal was an interesting mix of different foods, a bit like one's first experience of Indian cuisine, but more pleasant. I especially recall small pieces of fish, chicken and vegetables, in various sauces, all very tasty and very filling.

Anne Ibbotson, Vassili's (Cafe Mouzourkos) and Mint Tea ...

Being somewhat full, we ambled back towards the Hotel and I bought Anne Ibbotson's book on Poros 'Coming Slowly', to find it very absorbing when we got back. We both had a sleep during the afternoon, then afterwards walked up to Megalo Neorio, as Jenny wanted to try sunning her self on the beach there. I retreated to the Cafe Mouzourkos (Vassili's) for my very first mint tea - a most agreeable experience - and tried the Vassilis' toilet, which was still well-maintained. I also took two pictures of Jenny on the beach. The name 'Neorio' means 'Shipyard', for this long beach used local timber to build some of the ships of newly independent Greece. The photo at the head of the page looks towards an angle of the shore where a seasonal stream entered the sea. My guess is that ship-repairing and building began in this area, but I would need an archaeological excavation to prove it. Near where I live in Dalbeattie, the foreshore at Kippford was used as a ship-building and repair yard, without constructing anything but temporary slipways. Construction of modern buildings at Neorio has probably destroyed every sign of the old shipyards, as at Kippford. More investigation is certainly needed.

Jen on Neorio Beach
Jen on Neorio Beach
Another View on Neorio Beach
Another View on Neorio Beach
Cafe Vassilis Sign (at night)
Cafe Vassilis Sign (at night)

The Souvlakis and a Cool Evening...

We walked back near sunset to the Hotel, for some biscuits and tea, then later went out to the Corner (Y Gonia) for a wrap. The weather had changed to being windy, cold in the evening, so I was glad of my long trousers and fleece, despite Jenny deploring my appearance. She does not always understand that comfort is more important than appearance. Nevertheless, the Souvlakis wraps are excellent value and very tasty.

Just Getting Together...

As Jen wanted to be a bit more adventurous; after our hot chocolate (this time at the Asteria) we returned to the Hotel and Jenny tried a B52 cocktail at the bar. Paul (one of the guests) was playing a guitar, the others were occasionally singing along and generally drinking. I had an iced tea and sang 'Sailing' as muy party piece, then went up to join Jenny in our room. We wanted to be cosy and to read a bit, for I was getting on well with Ibbotson and wanted to start 'Poros - Trizina'. For interest, we tried the television, getting a Greek-subtitled copy of 'Let's Get Together', with Hayley Mills doubling up as a pair of sisters trying to re-unite divorced parents (John Wayne and Jean Russell, gloriously miscast) and (of course) succeeding. We could hear the others singing and drinking, but next day they weren't totally sure that they recalled all that they had done. Maybe this wasn't an historic day, but there are times when one just has to relax.


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