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The Mermaid of Poros, Greece

Poros 2006, A week in June in Greece

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Poros and Galatas Tavernas :
Poros and Galatas overflow with Tavernas and Cafes (Kafeneion) in steady competition and with varying menus. Richard and Jenny Edkins visited a handful in passing and by recommendation. If you know of other excellent Tavernas and Cafes, then by all means contact the webmaster Richard Edkins on and provide information on the name and telephone number of the Taverna, its location, any specialist menu or service and any e-mail or website information. If you have visited the Taverna, give your name and a few words of recommendation.

Other Saga Hotel Websites :

Poros Tavernas :

  • Rota Taverna,
    In Heroes' Square, the Paralia (seafront), Poros.
    Telephone : (0030) 22980 25627.
    E-mail : Not identified.
    Website : Not identified.
    Our first meal in Poros - and one of the best. Excellent seafood and friendly cats. Went there twice. Almost spoilt us for other Tavernas and we are counting the days till we are there again in September 2007.
    Frances says : They have a Greek music and dancing night on Saturdays in July and August.

  • White Cat Taverna
    Kanali seafront (Neorio road). A bit further on from the Hotel Theano but before the Villa Gallini.
    Telephone : 22980 25650 / 24274.
    E-mail :
    Website : Not identified.
    Good refreshments service and understands English. Popular, from full tables seen at about 8 p.m. On edge of the sea. Will try an evening there in September 2007.

  • Posidonis / Poseidon Taverna
    The Paralia (seafront), Poros. Near the old cinema building and the Cinema Cafe.
    Telephone : 22980 23597. Mobile : 6976115210.
    E-mail : Not identified.
    Website : Not identified.
    In the same class as the Rota and a little further northwest along the main street. Jenny thought they had the best chips she ate whilst in Poros. I overdid their excellent seafood. A bargain for a group on a budget - food and wine plentiful and good. Another must for September 2007.

  • Alsos Taverna
    Kanali, Poros. Last Taverna on the Paralia leaving Poros town, just before the Naval Academy.
    Telephone : 22980 22979 / 25875.
    E-mail : Not identified.
    Website : Not identified.
    Takeaway to east of road and roofed restaurant area across overlooking waterfront. Best takeaway food eaten and menu for restaurant looked interesting. We'll go there in September 2007.
    Frances says : The Alsos does good Yiros (pita bread wraps of pork or chicken pieces, with salad, potatoes and tzatziki) for 1.60 Euros. They will even deliver it to you, in Poros.

  • Cinema Cafe Bar
    First floor of old cinema building on Poros main street.
    Telephone : (0030) 22980 25868.
    E-mail : Not identified.
    Website : Not identified.
    Our favorite evening stop. Good drinks and bar menu. Film ambience. Rooftop cinema above. We'll go there in September 2007.

  • George Taverna
    Telephone : Not yet known.
    E-mail : Not identified.
    Website : Not identified.
    English spoken and the menu deserved better attention than we could give it. Personally unimpressed by toilet facilities, although clean. Going to try it again in September 2007.

  • Baltsera/Bratsera Taverna :
    Telephone : 22980 26822.
    E-mail : Not identified.
    Website : Not identified.
    Excellent hot chocolate and fine croissants. Rest of menu looked appetising.

  • Apagio Taverna :
    From 2007, at south end of the seafront in the Pundi area of Poros town.
    Telephone : 22980 26219.
    Website : Go to the end of Day Six on this website.
    Family taverna with fascinating artistic ambiance.

  • Love Bay Snack Bar (Sofianna's) :
    Telephone : (0030) 22980 26467. Mobile : 6947777452.
    Website : None - Sofianna's business is widely advertised as Love Bay.
    The Love Bay snack bar and beach business. Sun, tranquillity and good snacks.

  • Cafe Vassilis
    Telephone : 22980 23924.
    E-mail : Not identified.
    Website : Not identified.
    Menu interesting but we only sampled refreshments (iced coffee and tea). Toilets kept clean.

  • Hotel Theano and Spiros Taverna :
    Telephone :
    E-mail : Not identified.
    Website : Not identified.
    Popular with other residents of the Saga Hotel as being the nearest Taverna. Food about the same as the Poseidon and with ducks and cats. On edge of the sea, so can be cool if wind southerly. Approved by Frances and Dennis.

  • Sailor Taverna
    Poros seafront near the Parish Church. Telephone : Not known.
    E-mail : Not identified.
    Website : Not identified.
    We had soft drinks there but the menu might be interesting.

  • Cafe Ouzeoi
    Further into Poros from the Sailor Taverna. Telephone :
    E-mail : Not identified.
    Website : Not identified.
    Interesting signboard but we did not investigate further.

Galatas Tavernas :

  • Apollos Cafe :
    Galatas waterfront, overlooking waterbus landings.
    Telephone : 22980 23977.
    E-mail : Not identified.
    Website : Not identified.
    Refreshments, but also a taverna menu.

Hydra Tavernas :

  • (Name not clear on invoice)
    Near the old monastery entrance and the clock tower on the harbour front.
    Regrettably not identified from their till chit. Good service and a decent snack lunch. May be the front of a hotel.


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