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The Mermaid of Poros, Greece

Poros 2006, A week in June in Greece

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Welcome to the Poros 2006 Holiday Blog -
How to See Greece and Not Spend a Fortune.

A personal record of a seven-day holiday in Poros in Greece, during 30th May to 7th June 2006.

We had never been to Greece before, but were persuaded to spend a very early Summer Holiday by our friends Frances and Dennis McCallum. Frances is half Greek and they have retired to Poros, so they know the places to visit and the best Tavernas in Poros. Whilst some people spend three days just settling in, we had a rapid immersion and briefing in How To Holiday Successfully In Greece.

We made friends with a lot of warm-hearted Greeks, notably Takis and Zefi Alexopoulos and their family, as well as some other British expatriates. Poros is definitely the place in Greece to visit in Spring and Autumn - in high summer it is burning hot for North Europeans and can be a bit tough. We retain memories of blue - the sea, the houses, the flags and the sky - and we want to go there again and again.

The mermaid ? She's the creation of an Athenian sculptor and has been joyfully swimming in a fountain since 2004. We saw her against the sunset on our first evening in Poros and she is just perfect as the logo of the site.

We stayed in Studio 15 at the Saga Hotel, Poros for six happy nights.

- Richard and Jenny Edkins, 8th June 2006.

P.S. : We'll be visiting Poros in September 2007, to tour the local and mainland (Argolis) historic and archaeological attractions. Those will be in our POROS 2007 blog.

View of Poros from the Kanali seafront
View of Poros from the Kanali seafront

Map for Poros
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