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The Mermaid of Poros, Greece

Poros 2006, A week in June in Greece

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Attractions in Poros and Galatas :
There are many attractions on Kalavria and Kferia, many of them free to look at. Richard and Jenny Edkins concentrated on these attractions during the stay recorded in this blog. Other attractions will be listed here separately, so feel free to contact the webmaster Richard Edkins on with your name and some details of the attraction.

Poros Attractions -

Official and Commercial Attractions on Poros :

  • Museum, Poros :
    On the Paralia (seafront) east of the Heroes' Square.
    Telephone : 22980 23276.
    E-mail :
    Website : http://www.
    Local history and archaeology. A charge to enter this museum.

  • The Mermaid of Poros :
    Website : Building a page for her.
    On the seafront opposite the High School, in a fountain. Beautiful and cheerful. Sculpted by George Xenoulis in 2004. No charge to see her, but have your camera handy - she may wink at you.

  • Poros High School :
    neo-classical building on the Paralia opposite the mermaid. Summer art exhibitions when the school is on holiday.

Events and Celebrations :

  • New Year :
    New Year's Eve celebrations in the evening by the Christmas Tree outside the Town Hall. Gifts, traditional songs/carols and sweets.
  • Easter (Holy Week) :
    Masses held at the Monastery and other Churches during Holy Week, with a procession from the four main Churches to the town square on Good Friday evening.
  • St. John Prodromou (24th June) :
    Jumping across the bonfire is part of this mid-year clebration.
  • Navy Week (every second year) in July :
    Start of July. Greek Navy celebration recalling the founding of the Greek Navy with concerts, athletic events and Naval exhibitions. Very popular.
  • Christmas :
    The Greeks often regard the New Year as being more significant, but Christmas is celebrated with all the usual Greek verve of a religious holiday.

Caution : Greeks flood into Poros at these times, often ordering accommodation months beforehand. The Alexopoulos family (according to Dennis and Frances) let out their own quarters in the Hotel during July and August, when Greeks from Athens and elsewhere return to Poros for the summer's heat. Spring, early summer and autumn, are really the least crowded times to visit.

Places to Visit in Poros - Generally Free :

  • Beaches :
    • Monastery Bay :
      Access by road and walking. Sandy, southerly aspect, clean. Not visited by writer, but well spoken of.
    • Askeli Beach :
      Walk along signposted track from the Kanali bridge or next to Askeli seafront. Sandy, south-westerly aspect, clean. Close to hotels. Beach umbrellas, but not too intrusive. Good family bathing beach.
    • Neorio Beach :
      Beside road through Neorio. Sand and some shingle. Muddier than Askeli. Writer deterred by sewage disposal unit at southeast end. As against that, sunbeds and good waterfront tavernas.
    • Love Bay :
      Access by footpath from road from Neorio to Russian Bay. Sunbeds, beach umbrellas, snack bar. Beautiful, sheltered and clean. Less shingle than Neorio or Russian Bay. A gem.
    • Russian Bay Base :
      Access by track down from road. Sand and shingle beach. Picturesque ruins. No facilities.
    • Russian Bay Main :
      Access by track down from road. Sand and shingle beach. Some beach rubbish. No facilities. Most interesting feature offshore is Daskalio Island, a heart-shaped island with a church in its centre. A popular wedding venue.
  • Buildings and Features :
    • Zoodochos Pighi Monastery (Monastery of the Source) :
      Reach it by bus, car (or, if adventurous) by quad or moto. Gem of a monastery in a wooded valley, with remarkable views south to the Argolis peninsula. Formerly a religious seminary but now mostly a monastic retreat. Monastery chapel open (but follow rules about covering arms and legs - they have wraps). Small souvenir kiosk and guest room. Remarkable icons and altar piece. Graves of famous Greek Admirals and the Bishop's Chair. Light a candle, say a prayer and leave a small donation for upkeep of this lovely place.
    • Naos Poseidon (Temple of Poseidon) :
      Access by bus, road 'train', car, quad or moto. Parking area but no facilities. Fantastic views. Excavations of temple buildings and information boards. Built in 6th century BC as the religious centre of seven city-states. Demosthenes of Athens took refuge there in 322 BC and later committed suicide.
    • Clock Tower, Windmill and Poros Old Town :
      Access by walking up through Old Town from seafront. Steep and sometimes narrow alleyways with steps. Worth spending a morning on. Clock Tower provides the best view across Poros Harbour. Writer was left with a mental image of terracotta tiles, whitewashed houses, blue paint and the blessed cool of the churches and chapels. The Windmill no longer works, but the tower remains of a structure similar to the sail windmills seen on Hydra and Crete.
    • Russian Naval Station :
      Access by track down from road. Sand and shingle beach. Picturesque ruins of the naval station, originally built by prison labour. Moorings offshore for the large number of motor and sailing yachts that visit this area.
    • Castle of Eydek, on Bourtzi Island :
      No access, unless you have a boat. Substantial perimeter wall and towers of fort built by the Bavarian general Eydek to defend Poros anchorage from attack. Glimpsed by the writer from a ferry travelling to and from Hydra.
    • Lemonodasos (Lemon Groves) :
      A hill near Galatas covered in groves of lemon trees. Water taxis from Poros go across to Aliki, from where one can walk or

    Greek Travel Information Websites :

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